Shoe Repair VIP
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Women's Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair VIP offers a full range of services to help your shoes last longer. Some of our services are listed below:

  • PLATNUM PACKAGE - WOMEN Women's Full Soles / Heels & Shine Women's Full Sole and Heels includes new soles (rubber or Italian leather), quality heels (rubber/leather/combination), and a shine and condition. We will make your shoes like NEW!

  • SILVER PACKAGE - WOMEN Women's Half Soles & Shine Women's Half Sole includes new half soles (rubber or Italian leather, with a shine and condition. Shoe Repair VIP will restore your shoes like new!

  • - Shanks $25 Each $40 Per Pair
  • - Elastics $18 Each $25 Per Pair
  • - Lifts (heel) includes shine; black, brown, navy, tan $18 Per Pair
  • - Dye Leather $25 Per Pair
  • - Refinish Uppers $15 Per Pair
  • - Stretch (shoes - boots) $25 Per Pair
  • - Half Soles & Heels $45 Per Pair
  • - Recover Heels $50 Per Pair
  • - Leather Insoles (fitted with cushion) $25 Per Pair
  • - Heel Liners $40 Per Pair
  • - Sole Guards $35 Per Pair
  • - Replace Broken Heels $49 Per Pair
  • - Lower heel heights $18 Per Pair
  • - Tips and Heels $28 Per Pair
  • - Ladies' Cowboy Boots - Half Sole and Heel (see Cowboy Boots) $65 Per Pair
  • - Replace Boot Zippers $35 Each


All work is done by hand and using the latest technology, performed by our profesional staff; who makes sure to replace the original material with the closest match possible. All materials we use are sourced worldwide to assure our customers of the highest quality possible.